Addiction Treatment Planning

Addiction is a condition that consumes an individual’s time, energy, and focus and can have negative impacts that extend to family and friends. Addiction may take many forms including drug addiction, substance abuse, and behavioral addictions (such as food, sex, or gambling). Many times addictions are co-occurring. Individuals may exhibit a combination of substance and behavioral addictions and/or show signs of other co-occurring problems. The degree of severity varies according to each and every situation. Effective treatment for addiction requires comprehensive care and evidence-based service for lasting management and impact.

Addiction causes the part of the brain associated with reward and motivation to react to certain substances or situations. Addicts may show signs of impaired reasoning, physiological dependence, and continued indulgence of the addiction despite knowing the harm that comes with it. Overcoming addiction is not simply an effort of willpower as those struggling often cannot control their behavior. A preoccupation or obsession with obtaining or indulging the addiction overrides the individual’s decision-making abilities. Addiction treatment helps individuals overcome this debilitating condition.

Professional Addiction Treatment Planning

Addiction treatment should always be administered by licensed clinical, medical, and therapeutic experts working together with the individual’s doctor, psychiatrists, therapists, and more. Working in concert ensures all those caring for the individual are on the same page and working toward the same goal, avoiding any contradicting treatments or harmful combinations. Effective treatment not only deals with addiction, but helps the individual gain total well-being for lasting, whole health.

Addiction treatment planning is an incremental, comprehensive, and long-term process requiring a strong system of support, a multi-faceted approach to recovery, and treatment that addresses the total care (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical) of the individual. That’s why Heather R. Hayes & Associates is committed to helping our clients find the right treatment services. We recommend licensed, proven treatment centers and services based only on their suitability to your needs. We never recommend or receive kickbacks in any form from health care providers, ensuring we always act in the best interests of our clients and their loved ones.

If you or a loved one need help finding addiction treatment, contact us to learn how we can be of help.

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