Alcohol Addiction Treatment Planning: Paving the Path to Recovery

Overcoming alcohol addiction is far from easy, but through support and effective treatment planning there are many routes to recovery. Effective alcohol addiction treatment planning not only addresses the addiction to the substance itself, but treats any underlying or co-occurring conditions. This helps to make sure the individual suffering from alcohol abuse does not simply trade one addiction for another, or that in treating addiction, underlying or co-occurring conditions continue or manifest themselves in other ways. Alcohol addiction treatment plans should also help individuals abstain from alcohol in real-world settings through a continued system of support for lasting recovery.

Our Integrated Approach to Alcohol Addiction Treatment Planning

An integrated, comprehensive approach to treatment involves treating the physical, emotional, and mental components of addiction, as well as providing continued support for individuals and loved ones.

Many alcohol addiction programs include a detoxification stage followed by rehabilitation and continued sobriety. Detoxifying is perhaps the most difficult part of recovery as individuals may suffer withdrawal symptoms including seizures, hallucinations, and delirium tremens. For this reason, treatment should always include the care and supervision of experienced medical professionals. Medication may be used as part of recovery to assist with managing anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms of withdrawal such as seizures. Medications should be given in low doses and carefully administered to prevent complicating the recovery process.

Alcohol abuse treatment may include educational components, group and individual therapy, family support and involvement, psychiatric care, transitional living, real-world support, and more. Finding the right treatment requires careful consideration of an individual’s unique needs. Heather R. Hayes & Associates are proud to help individuals and their loved ones find the right addiction treatment services. Our only goal is to work in the best interest of our clients to help individuals achieve lasting health and total wellbeing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in finding the right treatment for your needs.

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