Am I an Alcoholic? How to Recognize When Your Drinking Is Out of Control

Are you one of the 15 million Americans suffering from an alcohol use disorder? Do you ask yourself, “Am I an alcoholic?”

Unfortunately, more than 3 million deaths occur each year due to alcohol, often due to drunk driving.

While you cannot diagnose yourself as an alcoholic, as you need a professional diagnosis to do so, you can recognize the warning signs that you’re in trouble.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the behavior that shows you may have a problem with alcohol.

You Drink By Yourself

Many people have a drink when they’re out with friends or over dinner. They may have a beer when they get home from work, or a glass of wine to try to melt out the stress of the day. But, when this ritual becomes something you depend on, that’s where the trouble begins.

You may be an alcoholic if you depend on alcohol every single evening, or you must drink in order to fall asleep. You may also be an alcoholic if you find yourself drinking by yourself often at times that are usually not socially appropriate.

Additionally, if you lie about the alcohol you consume when you’re alone and minimize it to your family and friends, this is also a warning sign.

You Drink Throughout the Day

Do you find yourself unable to get through the day without a little bit of alcohol? Maybe you spike your coffee with alcohol in the mornings or throughout the day. Maybe you have a shot or two at lunch.

No matter how you rationalize this in your head, if you need alcohol in order to make it through the day, you may be an alcoholic.

You Drink Despite Other Responsibilities

Do you sit down and have a drink, even if you know you have to get your kids from daycare in an hour? Do you still get drunk, even if you need to study for an exam? Do you frequently call into work sick because you have a hangover or because you want to spend the day drinking instead?

If you drink despite having other responsibilities to attend to, that means that you could be an alcoholic.

You Drink Despite the Risk to Your Health

Are you on medication that your doctor has told you not to mix with alcohol? Or, as your doctor told you that your liver cannot handle all of the alcohol you consume? Do you have a disease or disorder in which it is recommended that you abstain from alcohol while being treated?

If any of these are the case, and you continue to drink despite warnings from your doctor, you are most likely an alcoholic.

“Am I an Alcoholic?” How to Get Help If You Suspect the Answer is Yes

If you believe the answer to “Am I an alcoholic?” is yes, it may be time for you to seek professional help.

Reach out to Heather Hayes to help you find the best possible treatment for your alcoholism, and to put you on the road to recovery.

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