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What is the time frame for engagement with Heather R. Hayes & Associates?

Heather R. Hayes & Associates offers a variety of concierge services based on client need. All of our intervention and case management contracts cover a six-month period of time during which our team is fully engaged in intervention prep, crisis management, treatment planning, family and client support, and aftercare. Our other contracts, including therapeutic/sober companion services, drug testing, Respectful Therapeutic Transport Protocol™, Respectful Adolescent Transport Process®, and therapeutic/sober coaching vary in length of time.

Are any of the services provided by Heather R. Hayes & Associates covered by insurance?

All of the services provided by our team are private pay and are not covered by insurance. However, we are happy to discuss how insurance can be utilized to support treatment costs, depending on the treatment program selected.

What happens after I engage Heather R. Hayes & Associates?

After you sign a contract to engage our services, our team will work closely with you and other loved ones to collect a family history and any other collateral information that would benefit the team’s understanding of the present situation. Based on the service being provided, this history will guide our clinical team’s efforts to begin planning an intervention, navigate treatment placement options, identify an appropriate transporter or therapeutic companion, etc.

How quickly can the HRH team begin working with us after the contract is signed?

Our team can begin collecting a history and identifying dates for an intervention as soon as the contract is signed. Depending on the situation, presenting circumstances, and needs, the turn around time can be in as little as 24 hours.

Once our family agrees on an intervention date, what is the process for preparing us for the intervention?

Our team will work with each family member or loved one to write letters that will be read at the intervention. We will coordinate all travel and transport logistics and will provide all relevant clinical information to the interventionist. In addition, we will schedule a time for you to speak with the interventionist by phone prior to your in person intervention prep meeting. Our team is available to offer as much support and guidance as needed prior to the intervention.

How does a Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™ work?

Our work is grounded in a Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™ that supports both the client and the family as a whole. Whether a mental health or addiction intervention, our team will work with your family to decide if the client should be invited prior to the intervention or family meeting or if a surprise model is more appropriate. If invited to the intervention, this will take place at the prep the evening before or morning of the intervention. If there is concern that the client will not be willing to participate in a family meeting or is impaired due to mental health concerns or substance use, we will work with a family to plan a surprise intervention. The Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™ model focuses on creating a safe and compassionate space to offer the client support. Our team works closely with family and loved ones to decide which intervention approach would be most helpful.

Will the interventionist accompany our loved one to a treatment center?

Either the interventionist or one or two of our professional transporters will accompany your loved one to treatment. Our Respectful Therapeutic Transport Protocol™ is available to clients entering and/or leaving treatment or transitioning between levels of care.

Why would we want a transporter to accompany our loved one to treatment?

There are many triggers and stressors associated with traveling, especially when doing so with a love one suffering from addiction or mental health issues. Our trained and professional Respectful Therapeutic Transport Protocol™ offers companionship, security, and accountability to clients traveling from one destination to another. Allowing a transporter to assist your loved one in getting to or from treatment provides family with the opportunity to simply be a support system during this stressful process. All of our transports are grounded in our Respectful Adolescent Transport Process®, which focuses on recognizing the impact of past and present trauma on safety and connection with clients. More information about this Protocol can be found here. Our Respectful Adolescent Transport Process® emphasizes safe, compassionate and trauma-informed transport for all adolescents. You can learn more about this Protocol and our adolescent transport services here. To learn more about our transport services for both adult and adolescent clients, please click here.

How does a recovery companion work and how long should he/she stay with my loved one?

Recovery companions offer guidance, mentorship, and companionship to clients who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol and/or who are facing mental health challenges. Our companions live in-home with clients for a period of time and provide structure and companionship. All companions are available 24/7 for support and the length of time that a companion stays with your loved one varies depending on client needs. Some companions remain with clients for years, while others simply stay a few weeks or months. For more information about recovery companion services, please click here.

What is treatment placement and how does this service work?

Our treatment placement service supports families in navigating the often complex and frustrating treatment selection process. There are a plethora of treatment centers across the country and it is often difficult to know which center will best meet your loved one’s needs most effectively. That’s where we come in. Our treatment placement services includes collecting a detailed history on your loved one and their clinical needs, carefully screening each center’s available resources, and offering two or three options for clinical care. Our team makes sure that beds are available at each of the recommended programs and serve as liaison between you and the facilities. Our goal is that this service eliminates much of the hassle and stress associated with picking an appropriate treatment center. Most importantly, our team adheres to a strict code of ethics and does not receive any kickbacks or reward from the treatment centers we recommend. To learn more about our treatment placement services, please click here.

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