How Does A Teen Drug Intervention Work

When a loved one becomes addicted to drugs, the shock, sadness and worry hit you right in the gut. But when you realize your teen is addicted; that hit becomes a heavy-weight sucker punch. Many parents don’t even realize their teen is using until it’s too late because early warning signs can be mistaken for normal teenage angst. If you’ve tried getting them help on your own to no avail then it may be time for a professional Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™. Here’s what you can expect with a teen drug intervention.

The ABCs of Teen Drug Abuse

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for kids to get involved with drugs as early as 12 years old. In fact, the National Institutes of Health’s 2018 Monitoring the Future survey found that within the last 12 months 13.4 percent of 8th graders, 29.9 percent of 10th graders and 38.8 percent of 12th graders have used an illicit drug.

As to why kids use, it can be as simple as succumbing to peer pressure, boredom or rebellion to a means of escape from trauma, to risk factors such as mental health issues or a family history of addiction.

What is a Teen Drug Intervention?

A drug intervention can generally be defined as an “action taken to improve a situation” and often includes a mental health component since these issues can lie beneath the addiction. Drug interventions are typically organized on behalf of concerned friends and family members to help a person in crisis and they can begin a life-changing process for your teen.

Benefits of a Professional Drug Intervention for Your Teen

A professional drug interventionist is an objective third party who can help de-escalate the stress during this emotionally-charged time and guide your teen toward treatment in partnership with your family. While the steps in the process may be similar regardless of age, a teen drug intervention takes into account their unique needs, family and peer relationships and psychological development.

The expertise of a teen drug interventionist can be invaluable in helping your family:

  • Find the right drug treatment program and transport plan
  • Advocate for your teen
  • Understand what to expect and how drug abuse affects all of you
  • Follow recovery progression
  • Develop an aftercare plan to support recovery

How Does This Work at Heather R. Hayes & Associates

With three licensed clinicians on our team, it’s our goal to provide a compassionate and customized approach to teen drug interventions that achieves the best possible outcome.

Here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Place a call to our team and a clinical coordinator will get background information on your teen, including any mental health issues that may be co-occurring.

Step Two: A clinical supervisor will follow up with you to answer any additional questions and discuss how our Trauma Informed Intervention Protocol, proven to result in better long-term recovery and healing, supports your teen and family as a whole.

Step Three: Once you decide to move forward, we’ll begin to look at drug treatment options with your family and will also discuss what you want to say to your teen during the intervention itself.

Step Four: Once a treatment option is selected, the intervention will be scheduled. Typically it takes place in a family member’s home.

Step Five: The night before the intervention we’ll have a prep meeting with your family and our team.

Step Six: The intervention takes place and, while your teen can be sent to the treatment center involuntarily, hopefully they choose to go to treatment.

Step Seven: Two highly-trained transporters will accompany your teen to the treatment center. We have developed a Respectful Adolescent Transport Protocol to support you throughout the process and our transporters are an important part of your treatment team. They will stay with your teen from the moment of introduction until arriving at the treatment center. Their priority is your teen’s safety as well as respecting their dignity by building rapport, empowering choice and acknowledging their frustration in a trauma-informed way. Throughout the journey, you’ll be informed of their progress and your teen’s emotional and physical well-being.

After the Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™

To us, the teen drug intervention is simply a starting point. That’s why we include six months of case management to guide your teen and family through the process of recovery.  We’ll follow up with your family on a weekly basis, stay connected to the treatment center for updates and provide you with ongoing support and education.

For more information on our teen drug intervention services, call 800-335-0316 or email today.

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