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As local and global businesses begin to implement changes to comply with Government guidance around the COVID-19 virus; we are seeing a dramatic reduction in social contact in order to contain the spread. As a result, many drug and alcohol or mental health services or support groups are cancelling meetings or other support sessions. It is during times of uncertainty that those struggling with addiction and mental health issues need more support than ever. In fact, all human beings fear uncertainty and change. Families and loved ones of those struggling are going to be equally as in need of additional support during these times. 

For those in recovery or struggling from addiction, social isolation, anxiety or depression, the fear of the unknown and the rapidly changing situations, can be a significant trigger for cravings to use substances. Social distancing and calls to self isolate also potentially create an ideal environment to consume substances in higher volume and frequency without intervention or knowledge from loved one’s or employers. The fear around the virus can also cause panic or trigger memories of earlier traumas in one’s life. Equally, isolation for any length of time can lead to depression and anxiety for which people will need help utilizing coping skills and anxiety reducing practices.

We are able to provide robust online support for anyone struggling during this time. Our online facilities allow an individual or their family to remain in their home and still come into direct contact with professionals. Using a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, is a perfect way to maintain support for those who need it during this tumultuous time, and help build new non-chemical support and anxiety reducing tools.

Online Intervention Support

When a family takes the first step of accepting that their loved one requires professional help for their addiction, trauma or mental health condition, they can often be left reeling with so many unanswered questions, they will need support fairly quickly. In a time like this when a normal intervention may be difficult to arrange for reasons of transport, social distancing and underlying health conditions; we can prepare with the family for an intervention and begin working with the family system to look at ways to support their own health as well as the health of their loved ones. This process is important, as the best results for long term sustainable recovery are achieved when there is a treatment plan for the entire family system. Family work and healing may begin at in point of the addicted loved one’s journey. This online healing and family preparation allows everything to be put in place for when the current circumstances with COVID19 allow families to gather for a more formal intervention.

During these times which are unchartered for us, we will continue to remain flexible and focusing on helping those loved ones with mental health and addictions any way we can. Just last week, we were able to intervene on a young woman who had relapsed and was in a very dangerous area using heroin. we were able to correspond with, and help her all through text messages. We were then able to get her out and safely to treatment.

Online Case Management Services

Our case management services include treatment planning, providing clinical guidance through each step of recovery and planning for the future steps of recovery. In addition, we help families and individuals accessing tools to help manage anxiety, depression, eating disorders and trauma. We provide psychoeducation and support around a multitude of issues aimed to help all phases of the healing process. All of these services are traditionally delivered through web conferencing by our highly skilled practitioners.

It is vital that, during this time of uncertainty, helplessness and lack of control over situations, those struggling with addiction and mental health issues can continue to have a foundation and support they can rely on for their healing.

Our case management service can begin at the start of  the family’s recovery journey where we would assess what level of professional support is needed and collaboratively form a plan with families to help them as well as a plan for their person of concern.

Recovery Coaching and Support Online

Recovery coaching and online support is beneficial in the best of circumstances. Coaching is not designed to supplant peer support such as Twelve step  or SMART recovery. Recovery coaching is designed to help support and build skills and coping techniques. Coaching can include support and building life skills such as budgeting or managing craving while out in a stressful world to non-chemical anxiety reduction tools and how to establish healthy boundaries.  In this unprecedented time where many 12 step or peer to peer support meetings have been cancelled or significantly restricted, we are still able to provide recovery support via online conferencing platforms from recovery coaches; experienced, confidential and compassionate professionals. Having this essential support available to you at any time from the comfort of your living room, can ease an enormous amount of stress that many of us many be feeling in the current situation. Whether in early recovery of for those that are further along their recovery journey, recovery coaches can provide online, one to one support, focused on structuring a healthy routine and managing difficult emotions that can be evoked through challenging situations in relationships, employment, education and others which might act as significant triggers to relapse.

Drug Testing and Monitoring From Home

You may be surprised to hear that drug testing does not have to happen in a specialized testing facility. Many people who are committed to their recovery may need to take regular drug tests for a variety of reasons. Fortunately we able to offer the highest accuracy drug screening methods via portable at-home monitoring systems which is ideal for the current climate when travel could be problematic and unfeasible. Screening can be done using blood, saliva, fingernail testing, hair and urine analysis and enables us to establish a clinical baselinefor the addicted person. This is one of many available options to keep family members, employers and loved ones up to date and informed as to progress and abstinence.

Online Concierge Service

For high profile clients seeking support for therapeutic services, engaging in online support can further ensure that support can be delivered discreetly and enable the individual to avoid public scrutiny which could damage their professional reputation.

We understand that implementing the crucial steps towards an effective treatment plan and recovery can be incredibly daunting and difficult, exacerbated further by the ongoing health crisis facing our country right now. It is therefore incredibly important that our services can be flexible and can be delivered through online platforms to continue supporting those who need it, at every stage they require.

To understand more how our online web conferences work, please follow the link here.

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