Andrew Sidoli

Clinical Consultant


Andrew is a Certified Addiction Counselor, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; he has over two decades of experience in a multitude of Behavioral Health settings, and has a broad experience in Executive Management and Consulting in Behavioral Health settings both in the US and in Europe: he is European born, multicultural and fluent in 4 languages.

Andrew also holds a master’s in business from the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business and is Executive Director of True North Behavioral Health Inc. a joint entrepreneurial venture with the University of Utah.

His passion and commitment to help organizations, individuals, families and achieve change and reach their potential matches our mission and ethos here at Heather R. Hayes & Associates Inc. His Client-Centered approach and wide diversity of skills ensure that he is an asset to our clients, their families, and the organization.

Through his participation with the Family Firms Institute he has collaborated with single and multifamily offices, attorneys, and advisors to family businesses to create tailored, long-term, effective strategies to positively promote change in family members and employees struggling with a Mental Health or Addiction issue. He has been one of the professionals needed to encourage recovery, maintain confidentiality, and effect real and lasting change, helping the next generation of the organization – and the family – navigate the road ahead.

He has consulted educated and raised awareness, collaborating in Family business succession planning, vocational and career evaluations, and guidance for next generation.  Has consulted with family Trustees for special needs or problem situations for trustees, ownership groups, and senior management for development of best practices on integrating and addressing behavioral change within trust documents. Andrew has also consulted as an Executive Coach to help facilitate Cultural transformation within an organization whether as a result of a Merger or a change in Leadership, with focus on talent retention and decreasing burnout and recidivism within an organization.

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