Lisa Coyro

Interventionist & Clinical Case Manager

Lisa Coyro is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who works as a professional interventionist and clinical case-manager with twenty years of experience in the mental health and addiction disorder field. Lisa earned her B.A. at Sonoma State University, and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Lisa works on a national level to provide a multitude of therapeutic intervention services, as well as clinical consultation. Her clinical adaptability is derived from the breadth of her experience, having worked in both private practice and nationally renowned addiction treatment programs, as well as within the criminal justice system. She has worked extensively with addiction, young adults struggling to launch into the next chapter of their lives, as well as with people living with mood and thought disorders. Lisa believes in a direct approach that tailors clinical services to not only the client but the entire family system. She is trained in both the Johnson and Invitational Models of intervention. 


Prior to receiving her LMFT, Lisa spent a decade working in the non-profit treatment sector. Here, she managed a transitional housing program for post-incarcerated men and trans-women living with HIV/AIDs. From there, she moved to providing case-management, counseling, and alternative-sentencing advocacy to the incarcerated population within the LA County Jail system. Lisa also assessed and counseled felony offenders, applying CASOMB-derived risk assessment tools while working in tandem with the Department of Justice, California State Parole, and Los Angeles County Probation.


In addition to her professional work, Lisa was selected and served as a volunteer member of the L.A. City Crisis Response Team – CRT. CRT works directly with the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments to assist survivors and family members at the sites of homicides, suicides, and multi casualty incidents. She found this volunteer work to be incredibly rewarding, and continues to be humbled by being able to give back to her home town in such a pro-active and meaningful way. Lisa’s expansive experience informs her ability to balance clinical truths with empathetic and compassionate insight.


Lisa and her husband reside in Sherman Oaks with an ever-growing animal family.


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