Helping Individuals and Loved Ones Find Recovery and Treatment in Nashville

Who We Are

At Heather Hayes & Associates, we use our combined 40 years of experience to advocate for individuals and loved ones seeking recovery and treatment in Nashville.

What We Do

We help families navigate the many options and complexities of finding the right treatment options for their specific needs. We help with every stage of recovery including staging interventions, finding the right treatment facilities for client’s unique needs, and providing post-treatment support for continued success.

Our services include:

  • Pre-treatment and Crisis Management
  • Interventions
  • Treatment Research and Placement
  • Adult and Adolescent Transportation
  • Treatment Oversight
  • Case Management
  • Post-Treatment
  • Recovery/Sober Companions and Coaches
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Aftercare Coordination
  • Monitoring & VIP Services

How We Do It

The team at Heather Hayes & Associates works with our clients’ well being as our number one goal. We never receive compensation from treatment facilities or recovery programs, nor professionals in the industry. We recommend options strictly based on their suitability to the client’s needs. Every facility and program we recommend has been thoroughly researched and visited by the experts on our team to ensure effective service that treats clients with respect and dignity at every stage.

Our Track Record

Heather Hayes & Associates has a long history of success helping Nashville individuals and loved ones throughout the recovery process. 90% of our interventions result in treatment. We are fully bonded and insured with a 100% commitment to your satisfaction.

We understand the many emotions and difficulties that surround the treatment and recovery process. We help lighten the load by guiding clients through every stage. After listening and understanding your needs, we match you to the best treatment options available. We will explain and discuss all treatment options in detail, answering any questions or concerns you may have. Individuals, friends, and family deserve to be informed and knowledgeable when it comes to something as invaluable as health and wellbeing. An advocate can help to facilitate communication between experts and clients’ loved ones to foster a continuous network of support and understanding.

Additional Resources for Families

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