Unbiased, Comprehensive Addiction Treatment & Rehab Consultation

Having an expert to talk to is an important step for someone who is seeking help for themselves or a loved one. At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we offer professional addiction treatment  consultations to extend a lifeline to those seeking help, yet who aren’t sure where to turn. Whether you need help with an addiction treatment plan or rehab consultation, we’re happy to help.

How An Addiction Consultation Works

An addiction consultation often goes hand-in-hand with case management and treatment planning, but it may also serve as a crucial first step in getting someone the help they need. Consultations can take place in person or over the phone and are facilitated by one of our master’s level clinicians.

During the consultation, our trained and experienced clinician will ask questions, gather information, and learn more about your or your loved one’s path and journey through addiction, trauma, or their struggles with mental health. The clinician may then discuss next steps, treatment options, and share information about addiction and mental health issues that may be impacting the individual in need of help. This consultation also offers a safe, professional space to ask questions, learn about your options, and make decisions about the best next steps depending on your or your loved one’s unique situation.

Taking the First Step with a Rehab Consultation

Having a safe space to ask questions and gather information when you aren’t sure where to turn for help is an important step for a successful recovery. No matter where you are in recovery – whether this is your first foray into treatment or are seeking a new integrated approach to treatment – our team is here to help.

As experts in addiction treatment and recovery, we are available to provide unbiased, comprehensive treatment planning, case management and interventions for your loved one in need. It all starts by making the initial step and giving us a call. If you are interested in scheduling an addiction consultation with one of our expert clinicians, you can reach us at 800-335-0316 or info@heatherhayes.com.

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