Sober Transportation for Adolescents

Getting help for an adolescent or teen requires a careful approach during every step of his or her treatment process, including transportation to and from treatment facilities. Adolescent sober transportation is unique in that it is often fraught with challenges and resistance that must be addressed. We realize that getting help for a child in crisis is difficult, hectic and stressful. Our adolescent transport services are just one of the many ways we are prepared to support you.

Our Respectful Adolescent Transport Process®

We utilize a Respectful Adolescent Transport Process® that underscores a young person’s right to be treated with dignity and respect, while still providing safe and successful transportation to treatment facilities or services. Our professionals are trained in establishing a healthy and productive rapport with adolescents, crisis prevention and verbal de-escalation techniques, and are aware of their roles as positive role models throughout the transport process. We wouldn’t ask you to trust us any other way.

Getting Help for an At-Risk Teen

In addition to Respectful Adolescent Transport Process® our experienced team is also highly qualified to assist in finding missing and at-risk teens, as well as working with adolescents who are engaging in violent, risky or dangerous behaviors. We are ready and able to help no matter the location or degree of crisis.

Getting help for a troubled adolescent or teen can be difficult, but it is critical not to delay care. Adolescents and teens have their entire lives ahead of them, so getting help earlier, rather than later, ensures your child or loved one can move toward the bright future they were meant to hold.

If you are in need of Respectful Adolescent Transport Process®, need help finding a missing or at-risk teen, or need some guidance and support with a dangerous or violent teen, we are here to help. Contact us at 800-335-0316 or to learn more about our sober transportation for adolescents and other at-risk teen support services.

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