VIP Sober Transportation for Celebrities & High-Profile Individuals

Whether traveling to and from a treatment center, transitioning from residential to outpatient treatment, or going between treatment facilities, we know that transportation can be a challenge to arrange. Stress is no friend to those in recovery. We help our clients arrange safe, secure transportation to ensure your loved one’s privacy, safety, and comfort with minimal stress.

Sober Transportation for Celebrities & High Profile Individuals

Sober transportation for celebrities and high profile clients helps those in already high-stress situations avoid the triggers that often come with putting an addiction under the spotlight. Guided sober transportation also helps individuals avoid the temptation of airport bars and other known risks such as long periods alone, coping with travel-related changes or delays, or carrying medications. Having trained support during travel can help to keep the individual calm and on the path to successful recovery.

Our sober transport specialists provide expert care and attention while respecting celebrities’ or VIP clients’ privacy. Our specialists assist with transitions through different levels of residential and outpatient care, moving from sober living centers to in-home care, and provide companionship and support during extended travels such as multi-day transportation, airport layovers, and overnight stays. All of our sober transport specialists are clinically supervised to assist your loved one no matter how far or what sort of travel is involved.

What Makes Our VIP Sober Transport Different?

Sober transportation specialists do not simply provide a ride from one place to another; they keep clients safe, sober and accountable. No matter what stage of recovery your loved one is in, having support greatly increases the odds of successful and lasting recovery. Transportation assistance lowers the risk of relapse by keeping the individual away from temptations and reducing the stress of travel. We also provide all logistics involved in your loved one’s journey to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

If you or a loved one require high profile sober transportation services, please contact us at 800-335-0316 or

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