Heather R. Hayes & Associates: Treatment and Recovery Options Dallas

A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that alcohol is the primary drug of abuse in the state of Texas, accounting as the primary cause of admission for 28% of admissions to publicly funded treatment programs in 2013. The same study showed that heroin use rose among youth and young adults in Dallas and across the state. Many drug and substance abuses stem from or occur alongside mental illness, creating a vicious cycle of addiction and dependence that has severe mental, physical, psychological, emotional, social, and inter-relational consequences for individuals involved.

Heather R. Hayes & Associates advocates on behalf of Dallas area individuals and families, helping them to find the best treatment and recovery options available for their needs. There is no greater investment than in health and well being, which is why our expert team carefully and thoroughly researches every option we present. We personally visit each facility we recommend and we never receive any form of compensation from programs or professionals. We only recommend recovery and treatment options based on their ability to help our clients reach their treatment and recovery goals.

Whatever stage of treatment or recovery you or a loved one are in, we are here to help. We offer coaching, training, and assistance organizing and implementing interventions with teens and adults. We recommend the best treatment options in Dallas including those with integrative care to help diagnose and treat co-occurring conditions, provide the tools needed to overcome addiction, and more. We understand the importance of having a reliable and trusted network of support in order to stay on the path of recovery. That is why we assist with post-treatment services such as monitoring, aftercare, recovery coaching, sober coaching, and recovery companionship. Our tools and resources help individuals and families stay ahead of addiction and mental illness.

90% of our interventions result in the individual undergoing treatment. Our caring, expert team have a combined 40 years of experience in helping individuals and families navigate the path of recovery. To learn more about our experiences, services, and more, we invite you to explore our website and to give us a call at 800-219-0570.