Selecting the Best Treatment Center for You

Selecting the most appropriate treatment center for your loved one can be the most critical part of the recovery process. Just like the needs of each individual, every treatment center is different. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment or environment that is best suited for everyone, so it is important to consider the full gamut of the individual’s need first. Choosing the wrong treatment facility for your loved one can put his or her recovery at risk.

Our treatment center selection process involves careful screening of each center’s available resources with respect to a client’s individual needs, so that we can provide treatment options that are the most conducive to long-term recovery. We evaluate the full extent of the individual’s needs for optimal placement.

At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we are adamant about putting the patient first. We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and are committed to the highest ethical standards and professional integrity when it comes to selecting the best treatment center for you or a loved one.

We work exclusively with licensed and accredited programs that we, or our associates, have visited on site, and we do not accept payment, kickbacks or any form of reward from the treatment centers we recommend. We believe in the importance of making the best placement decision based on the customer. We are committed to putting our ethics, integrity and patient’s safety and wellbeing in front of our own financial gain.

Because we are not employed by and do not receive payment of any kind from any of the treatment centers we recommend, we are able to make unbiased treatment recommendations to guide you in your decision-making process.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment placement, contact us today at 800-219-0570 or to schedule a consultation.