Vulnerable Populations in Complex Crisis

Vulnerable populations who suffer from mental health conditions and addictions, life can often seem like an intimidating, unpredictable place, throwing challenges out of the blue at a relentless pace. People who have learnt unhealthy coping strategies will find these moments in life exhausting and can find the challenges of everyday life enough to significantly affect their psychological wellbeing. This in turn can have long-lasting and far-reaching implications for their relationships and family dynamic.

Concurrent crises

The recent and rapid development of the COVID-19 crisis may be concurrent with an existing crisis faced by a vulnerable person, leaving all those involved unable to cope. The news and alternative news sources offer a wide range of coverage of the virus, which ranges from concerning to outright terrifying. This, along with conspiracy theories which suggest suspicion of the government and global health professionals can be hugely influential and damaging for those with a history of paranoia, depression and anxiety.

For vulnerable individuals and their families, the ability to navigate through the complexity of pre-existing conditions with the added pressure of the pandemic will be incredibly challenging and will require professional assistance through online services like Telehealth.

Tensions and conflict within the family

Many families across the country will find tensions arising, as the recent restrictions on movement have been set in place, 1 out of 3 Americans need to stay in their homes. This will be felt especially by families affected by an individual’s mental health condition or addiction. As the tendency to reach for historic, toxic patterns of behavior or coping strategies; the pressure builds, easily giving way to conflict with potentially severe consequences.

Domestic violence is predicted to increase substantially as a result of social distancing and isolation. Vulnerable people are disproportionately victimized by perpetrators of domestic abuse, and others may use violence and emotional abuse in order to use substances or continue their unhealthy coping strategies. Due to increasingly strict measures for Americans to stay in their homes, it has created a perfect environment for perpetrators to instill fear and control over their victims, and for others to feel they must use toxic and harmful behaviors to cope with their lack of control. However, help is available through Heather R Hayes & Associates Inc. online services for immediate assessment, advice, support and treatment, guiding you and your loved one through the journey to recovery.

Disrupted support networks

The pressure is likely to be extremely high in the current climate. Families that once relied on their individual routines to cope with an existing condition are now forced to remain indoors, where a combination of past resentments and current fear can give way to conflict, leaving previous supportive figures in the family feeling burnt out and unable to provide the support their loved one need, and vulnerable people feeling traumatized and reactive or closed down as a result.

The recent restrictions on movement and ban of group meetings have left many vulnerable people without the ability to utilize their support networks. The shock of having a routine disrupted, freedoms curtailed and the overarching sense of not being in control are likely to have a considerable impact on a vulnerable person, and their families. Web based services at Heather R Hayes & Associates Inc. can provide care and support for families suffering from a crisis or exacerbated, severe symptoms from a vulnerable loved one.

Telehealth online services

At Heather R Hayes & Associates Inc. we provide confidential, high quality, empathetic support through online services to help bridge the gap for families and their loved ones in crisis.

Our services include:

  • Case Management
  • Concierge Services, for high profile families or in the public eye
  • Crisis Interventions and Management
  • Drug Testing and Monitoring Interventions
  • Recovery Coaches
  • Recovery Companions
  • Sober Transportation
  • Treatment Consultation and Placement

All services have been adapted to be delivered through our online platform to ensure that you are not left without support at this unprecedented time. Our services can vary in intensity and length, depending on yours and your loved one’s needs; our treatment plans are designed and implemented with your family at the center.

The creation of Telehealth systems were designed to help support those affected by long term conditions; allowing the opportunity to self-manage their conditions over time and remain independent if needed. Drug testing and abstinence maintenance checks are achieved by devices collecting data from the individual which is then transmitted through the main system ‘hub’ to the clinical monitoring service to be assessed by the appropriate professional.

If you are looking for support, don’t hesitate

While the world is suffering from the financial, emotional and health damage caused by the COVID-19 virus, it is vital that those families with pre-existing mental health conditions and addictions are supported to care for their loved one. It is likely that the pandemic will be exacerbating those suffering with complex needs and require urgent professional support from Heather R Hayes & Associates Inc. online services.


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