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Our experienced team draws upon the most effective elements of intervention models in order to create a Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention that is as unique as your loved one. Specifically, our work is grounded in a Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™ that supports both your loved one who is struggling and your entire family. Our Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™, along with the minimum of six months of support for the everyone in your family and your loved one following the intervention, help give everyone involved a path to healing. Our goal is to provide a compassionate and non-pathologizing approach to interventions and to facilitate long term sustainable recovery and healing.

Drug and alcohol interventions can be defined as “actions taken to improve a situation.” That is what our team does. We act, with and on behalf of concerned friends and family members, to offer a different path to a person in crisis. We work to organize the chaos caused by addiction and mental health issues and offer a solution. A drug or alcohol intervention can begin a life-changing process for your loved one. The best interventions are facilitated by experienced, educated, and skilled interventionists who operate with unyielding ethical compassion.

Our Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™

Close family and friends play a vital role in the long-term success of an individual’s treatment. Our Trauma-Informed Responsive Intervention™ works to support your family and loved one and works to help treat your family member with respect and compassion. Persons with SUD struggle with low self-esteem and self-worth. Because of how a person with SUD’s brain is affected, the behaviors that often push loved ones away—lying, broken promises, and high-risk behaviors—go hand in hand with addiction. At HRHA, we employ a compassionate, family-based approach that focuses on our clients’ strengths, health, and accountability in order to achieve a sustainable, long-term recovery. Many studies show the correlation between trauma and addictions. Our approach takes this into account and is sensitive to not only the life-threatening nature of addiction but also the sensitivities of family and clients who have experienced trauma. Our goal is not to retraumatize families and their loved ones, but to use an approach that is respectful and motivational for all involved.

We provide a compassionate, customized approach to Trauma-Informed Responsive Interventions™ that achieves the best possible outcome and supports healing for both the individual and his or her support system. We do this by offering our clients the expertise, guidance, and oversight of our master’s level clinical team as well as the tools and structure necessary to support the recovery journey.

You are not alone

We will work together with you to develop a plan of healing for you and your entire family system.

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