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We know how hard it is to watch a loved one suffer. We understand that it can be hard for families to cope or know who to turn to for help in times of crisis. Over the years, we have provided support to hundreds of families and those directly experiencing mental health conditions and habitual substance use. Due to the unpredictable nature of these conditions, families can feel that they have lost connection with their loved ones and that the dynamic has become unhealthy or even destructive.

At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we appreciate that the ripple effect of mental health and substance use affects everyone in the family unit. As such, we aim to provide families with compassionate help and guidance to help restore mental well-being and a healthy family dynamic.

How Addiction and Mental Health Affect Individuals and Families

Habitual substance use and mental health conditions have a variety of different effects on the family dynamic and the mental health of family members. This is why we tailor our response – we give each individual situation a personalized treatment.

If a family member is using substances or experiencing a mental health condition, it can result in the following conditions in the rest of the family:

  • Unmet developmental needs
  • Financial difficulty
  • Legal issues
  • Emotional distress
  • Violence
  • Substance abuse in the family
  • Mental illness among family members
  • Confusion
  • Blame
  • Shame

Realizing that a family member has a mental health condition or is a substance user can be a traumatic and difficult experience. We understand that it can leave families feeling isolated; however attempting to deal with these problems alone is not advised. Many people who are experiencing these symptoms may not be aware that they have a problem.

Recovery Experts

When treatment addresses the entire family dynamic, we can not only help families discover potential historical triggers that may be responsible for the client’s condition, we can also educate family members on how to support each other and recognize signs of a worsening condition.”

It is often said that the opposite of substance use is connection. The same can be said for treating many mental health conditions – we need to move towards people who have these conditions rather than further away. When treatment takes into account the entire family dynamic, we can not only help to understand potential historical triggers which may be responsible for the client’s condition, but also can educate family members on how to support and spot signs of a worsening condition. Treatment is also more effective when it empowers the family to be the most effective source of compassionate support it can be, which is a powerful catalyst for positive change.

At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we are experts in recovery. Our services range from substance use and mental health intervention to case management, to treatment consultation. Navigating the world of care services can be difficult for anyone, but especially so for those already overwhelmed by worry about their loved one. We are available to help families locate the best treatment and rehabilitation options for their affected loved one as well as treatment options for the entire family.

Family Intensive Programs

Family Intensive programs are intense therapeutic interventions that address the changes that have come about within families due to substance use or mental health. Each unique family requires a compassionate and understanding treatment approach in order to heal. Each unique family requires a compassionate understanding and treatment approach in order to heal.

In a Family Intensive Program, each family member is provided with psychoeducation and therapy in order to:

  • Identify problem areas in the family dynamic
  • Develop safe and healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication among family members
  • Develop techniques for healthy conflict resolution

Topics Covered in Family Intensive Programs

Family Intensive programs consider the following areas when addressing the family dynamic and offering psychoeducation and therapy for healing:

  • The nature of substance use disorders
  • Setting boundaries
  • Understanding mental health
  • Understanding codependency
  • Communication
  • Emotional regulation and self-care
  • The dangers of enabling
  • Understanding the family dynamics
  • The impact of grief
  • The importance of a recovery community
  • Recovery planning

Treating the Whole Family

At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we are dedicated to the full recovery of our clients and their entire family unit. We facilitate involvement in Family Intensive Programs, which are intensive and experiential recovery settings based on the principles of family systems theories and research. We believe in peace of mind through boundaries and effective communication for everyone.

Substance use and mental health can involve the whole family, and so should recovery. If you have discovered that a loved one is struggling with these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide help and guidance moving forward to help your family access the recovery services needed for real, lasting change.

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