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Medication compliance is often a struggle for those with Mental Health Issues. Symptoms often do not reoccur until a person has stopped taking their medication for a period of time. Medication Monitoring creates a protective factor to ensure medications are being taken regularly and as directed. The goal is to prevent the return of negative symptoms, which is a necessary component of long term recovery and lasting positive outcomes.

Monitoring Recovery Medication

It is common for medications to be prescribed to those who are recovering from a substance or alcohol use disorder. These medications can be used to combat the withdrawal symptoms felt during the early stages of recovery as well as to help ease the body’s chemical dependence on a substance. All medications that are prescribed for recovery should be used as advised by a medical professional. Medication monitoring allows the misuse of recovery medication to be identified and treated in order to minimize the health consequences of ignoring medical advice related to recovery.

Monitoring Methods

Through our rigorous monitoring methods, clients receive support and are held accountable when taking their medication. Our medication monitoring program includes:

Comprehensive Testing

As a result of our detection capabilities and testing methods, medication monitoring can highlight the use of prescription medications and illicit drugs. The goal of medication monitoring is to ensure that prescription medication levels remain therapeutic and that no other illicit drugs are ingested . Based on the individual needs of a client, as well as their recovery goals, we can test for different medications. Emphasis may be placed on the areas that will have the greatest effect on the individual.

Drug Abuse and Misuse Detection

The potential for opiate addiction is severe, but opiates are still prescribed to patients for various reasons, often to deal with chronic pain. In order to combat the harmful potential of prescription opiates and other drugs, medication monitoring helps identify signs of misuse and abuse before they spiral out of control.

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