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Recovery companions are trained and knowledgeable in guiding individuals to be more productive, healthy, and positive members of society. They help integrate clients back into their homes post-treatment, help maintain and implement their healing /recovery plan and provide extra support during stressful times. Unlike a therapeutic recovery coach, which can be helpful in the early stages of the recovery process, a recovery companion can provide your loved one with a “safe landing” upon completion of a treatment program or accountability in difficult situations before or after treatment. These trained recovery professionals are uniquely adept at helping your loved one through their most challenging periods, whether it be early recovery or during stressful life events that could trigger a relapse. Our companions are also supervised and supported personally by our team of clinicians at Heather R. Hayes and Associates.

Why are Recovery Companions Important for a Successful Recovery?

Placing a compassionate, understanding person full-time with someone to help them through the challenges of daily life can help assure one’s long-term recovery success. Our team of recovery companions are solid in their own recovery and can offer indispensable support to clients who are in the earlier and most precarious stages of recovery. Our companions are knowledgeable in relapse prevention methods, coping skills and crisis prevention and have an understanding of family systems and relationship dynamics, co-occurring disorders, medication risk and management, and maintaining healthy boundaries. In addition, we have trained Recovery Companions who specialize in Mental Health and Behavioral Issues, Trauma and Eating Disorders.

Recovery companions are available to be on site with clients 24/7 for around-the-clock care. Whether your loved one is transitioning from a treatment program, traveling for business, or simply in need of additional assistance and support, our team of experts is here to help. Companions not only provide accountability in a professional, supportive manner, but they also maintain open lines of communication with the individual’s entire support team to ensure that your loved one receives the most appropriate level of care.

Recovery companions provide unparalleled support, accountability and security to ensure your or your loved one’s long-term health and wellbeing while in recovery. To learn more about our therapeutic recovery companion services and to find out if a Companion is right for your loved one, contact us at 800-335-0316 or at

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